Rachel hijacked my blog – she wants to share some thoughts.

Hewwo evybudy, I is Wachel. I has sumpin weal impor’int ta say. Tuhnite fer dinnew, I camed to da tabul ta eat, and wike ahways, Mama gaved me my bottul uh milk. Den she said she had sumpin new fer me ta twy. I seded “otay, wut izzit?” She said, “squash.” I never hearded of squash before, but I was willing to gib it a twy. Well, it was not wat I ecspecded. At dis time in my wife, I ar not to shur I wike squash. Izzit jus me? Wut about yuu? Da yuu wike squash?

Mama tookt a moovee ov me ea’in. Ya wanna see it?

4 Replies to “Rachel hijacked my blog – she wants to share some thoughts.”

  1. Rachel–

    Squash is the worst–wait for the sweet potatoes, they are much better.
    And they are both much better mixed with rice–it calms down the flavor.
    Now, I think you could have done a better job spitting out at your mom–try harder next time!

  2. Squash is an acquired taste, but sooo much better with butter and brown sugar! But I guess you are a little young for such richness. Love auntie Holly

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