No Soup for You! Or whatever

Jeff mentioned this morning that we should look into renting a wheelchair so that I can go for a walk and enjoy the nice weather. Being the obedient, compliant, submissive person that I am I called my doctor’s office to ask A) if it is OK if I took a walk with a wheelchair, and B) where we could rent one.

My doctor called me back and said no. But it’s not all bad. She said to ask again at my appointment on Monday, but to take it extremely easy this weekend, meaning STRICT bed rest. It is so crazy because I feel fine right now. Of course I didn’t feel so fine this past Monday after my Easter field trip, so I am not inclined to argue with her. But I admit I was a little disappointed that she said no. It is a beautiful sunny day outside today, at least that’s what it says on the internet.

Rachel is growing up so fast. She was playing outside with Jeff yesterday, and he took some pictures.

Scout stayed inside with me. I took some pictures of him. Either he is extremely lazy, or he has been watching me and is practicing bed rest too.

Here is another picture of Rachel from several days ago. She’s wearing my shoes.

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  1. Hey noelle, I just took the last hour and updated myself on you and your precious family. I had no idea about any of your complications. Sounds like your little Gaby will be more expensive then my little boy. Follow doctors orders. I’m sorry you have had to be so cooped up. We will remember you in our prayers. I enjoyed your posts. I am 27 weeks. Keep the faith my friend!! Love ya, heather

  2. It’s actually not too bad financially (yet). Let’s all say a prayer of thanks for insurance! It’s only fair, I’m sure I have had cause to say some mean things about insurance, and will again, but at this time I have nothing but nice things to say about my insurance.

    27 weeks. Wow! Time really flies. How are you holding up?

  3. What I want to know is WHO is putting the garden together–I know it can’t be you since you are on STRICK bed rest, but it does look like the dirt has been hoed a bit. . .

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