Great-Grandma Hatton bought Rachel her Easter outfit. She was looking for something more frilly, but couldn’t find just the right thing. She figured with me out of the way she could dress Rachel any way she wanted. She settled on a pretty dress with pink flowers. She also got her some new shoes. Rachel’s last pair of Sunday shoes I bought back in early January, but she has outgrown them. Her new shoes are size 6. They have a real sole. She seems so grown up in them. She really loves shoes. Jeff was pretty dressed up for Easter too.

After church we all (even me) went to Jeff’s parents’ house for Easter dinner. The little kids had an Easter egg hunt. Rachel caught on right away.

She got so skilled she even figured out “finding” eggs in the other kids’ baskets. I think she only managed to get one of two from other kids.

After dinner Jeff and the other guys played cornhole. Jeff’s cousin Becky helped Rachel play on the playground. Rachel really hit it off with Becky the first time she met her several months ago when Becky first came home from her mission. I don’t know how she manages it, but Becky seems to get Rachel to eat her veggies better than anybody.

Yesterday I had a doctors appointment. I got a phone call early that morning from the office telling me that the doctor with whom I was scheduled was ill, and did I mind seeing someone else instead. No problem. I ended up seeing a different doctor. I’ve seen all of the doctors in that office because of my time in the hospital, and the doctor I ended up seeing was someone I’ve actually seen quite a lot. After being allowed a field trip on Easter I asked about being able to go to church every Sunday. I didn’t even get out my question all the way before she said “absolutely NO!” She said to ask again when I get to 34 weeks, so four more weeks. I ended up getting my progesterone shot yesterday, which is kind of good because now I only have to go the office once a week. I can get my check-up and shot at the same time. It was kind of bad because it still hurt like crazy.

I had kind of a bad day yesterday. A lot of things were bothering me. My injection site hurt (a lot). My abdominal muscles were feeling pretty beat up (I guess from being up and around going to the doctor). I must have eaten something that upset my stomach because I felt all afternoon an urge to throw up, which I never did. And to top it off my side pain was going like gangbusters. I didn’t have a restful morning at all, so I really tried to take it extremely easy in the afternoon. But I felt bad all day. Today I feel better, but I’m not going to push it. I just hope that some day I will be able to be myself again. I guess I must have overdone it on Sunday. No wonder my doctor says no church for me.

I have been on bed rest for eight weeks today. Happy anniversary to me!

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  1. Kind of a bad day?! I’d say that was a terrible day. Any worse, you’d be at the hospital! (You’re as bad as my grandpa about going to the hospital and talking with doctors!)

    Sheesh, I try to talk to you and every 2-30 seconds you respond not with an “uh-huh”, “yeah”, or “that’s cool”, but with “Hhreeghghhh!”, “Ooooohhh!”, and “Grraaaaaaahhhhhhhh!..unnghh!”

  2. Oh Noelle, I don’t know how you are doing it. 2 nights in the hospital bed just about killed my back over the weekend… I’m still sore! Well, I guess a little of the soreness may be from delivering a baby, but I’m blaming it on the hospital bed. Hang in there, you’ve made it so far!! jen

  3. Rachel looks so grown up in her dress and REAL Sunday shoes, and carrying an Easter Basket all over the place–not to mention the fact that she “Gets” the whole Easter Egg hunt thing. I’m so glad you got to watch!!!

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