Our Sealing

What a day this has been! Today Rachel was sealed to us. It was a beautiful experience. Most of my family live far away and were not able to be here, so this post has a lot of pictures for them.

We started the day with waffles. I believe in my heart that special occasions should be celebrated with waffles. Rachel didn’t have any, but she had some peaches. Those are good too.

We arrived at the temple at 12:30. We were met there by Marlene and Gary whose job it was to take care of Rachel while Jeff and I were getting our paperwork taken care of. We snapped a few pictures (of course).

While Jeff and I were getting ready, Rachel got ready too. She wore a beautiful white dress that was made (that would be custom-made) just for her by Sister Nixon. I just about fainted when I saw her in it. She was gorgeous!

The sealing was pretty quick, but we did have to wait for a few minutes, and Rachel was so good. She entertained everybody with her delightful singing. We were so glad to have our family and friends there. Jeff’s mom and dad and his grandparents were there, along with his sister aunt Tricia, her husband uncle Jarrod, his brother uncle Paul and his wife aunt Andrea, his brother uncle Brian, and his sister aunt Michelle. My dad and his wife Harriet came from Utah to be there. Other extended family came, as well as some of our dear friends.

My dad and Harriet

Rachel is just chillin’ in the temple lobby while she waits.
Steve and Gary
Marlene took great care of Rachel.
Marlene was entrusted with the important job of getting Rachel dressed. Nice job Mar!
Rachel and Holly
This is a different look for Brian.
Emma, aunt Jenny, uncle Bob, Jarrod
Brian, Andrea, Paul, Dad (mine)
Harriet, Mom (Jeff’s)

After the sealing was over we went outside for some more picture taking. We were happy that the weather stayed nice for us!

Jeff’s grandfather performed the sealing.

That is such a pretty dress!
Did you ever see a more beautiful baby?

What is she trying to tell me here?

Rachel with my dad.
All of Jeff’s family was there.

Finally we went to Jeff’s parents’ house for a cookout. We ate hamburgers, chips, soda, and derby pie. Those who stuck around long enough watched the Preakness Stakes where Big Brown dominated the field and won easily. (Stay tuned for my always exciting coverage of Big Brown’s quest to win the triple crown.) We will be sure to have a triple crown party.

Finally we went home and rested. It was a great day. I couldn’t possibly be happier.

17 Replies to “Our Sealing”

  1. Beautiful pictures. I am so happy for you. Still bummed I couldn’t come.

    Love ya,


  2. We are so happy for you! What a wonderful day — and, of course, you could not find a more beautiful baby!!! She is so sweet! – Kristine

  3. Noelle, I am so glad that it was a wonderful day. I love the pics and her dress is beautiful! What an angel you have. It’s amazing how little miracles happen every day. Rachel is a little miracle and I’m so happy for you and Jeff.
    Thank you for sharing your day with us. I wished we could have been there. We love you

  4. Congratulations! Rachel looks beautiful in that dress! I’m sure that it was such a special day for you – I so wish we could have been there for you. By the way, Nicholas agrees with you – he wanted waffles for his birthday, too!

    Luella and Tony

  5. So.. Thanks for the hug.

    Sorry about the emotions. They seem to always appear at the most inopportune times.

    I feel blessed to have been there. I loved they way that during the sealing, Jeff’s grandfather, talked directly to Rachel. I really loved that moment.


  6. hey–did you delete my comment. I totally talked about how amazing those pics were in the waiting room, and what an awesome photographer you must have had. I guess that is what I get for bragging. . .

    It really WAS the perfect day! I feel honored to have been able to be a part of it!

  7. Thanks for all the pictures on the post. I almost felt like I was there! Well I didn’t at all, but my eyes got teary and I know that if I had gone I would have cried, so close to the same thing. Congratulations on your beautiful, eternal family! I’m glad Grandpa and Harriet were there to “represent.”

  8. The day that Meg was sealed to us was the 2nd best day of my life (I guess I have to say my sealing to Rusty was the best day:). Anyway, seeing all your pictures and watching Jeff bless Rachel the other week, brought back so many amazing memories. I’m so happy for you and Jeff. There is NOTHING like adopting. I always think it takes so much faith on the baby (Rachel or Meg) to come to our families they way they did. Meg inspires me as I’m sure Rachel already does you.

    I seriously feel like I have a bond with you, that no one else can that hasn’t adopted a baby girl. So, what I’m saying is. . .you’re stuck with me.

  9. We are so happy for you! Rachel looked so peaceful, but fun in her blessing pictures. Moments like these really help you realize how much Heavenly Father loves little children because you get to feel some of that love yourself.
    Hold on tight! Parenting is an amazing ride. 🙂

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