What a Weekend!

This was a very important weekend, and it was great, might I add. On Thursday evening Jeff’s sister received her own endowment. All of his family was there. I could just see his mom and dad bursting their buttons with pride as they saw all of their children in the temple for the first time.

Thursday night my dad and Harriet came into town. This was Rachel’s first chance to meet her other grandpa, but she slept instead. Now the next morning, however, Rachel discovered the joys of pulling the pens out of Grandpa’s pocket, yanking on his arm hair, and pulling his glasses off.
We spent Friday just hanging out and goofing off. I took advantage of the babysitters in the house to get (just a little) work done around the house. Rachel is sometimes not very cooperative, you know. Friday night we watched Sense and Sensibility (the 2008 BBC version). I liked it. It is a three-hour TV miniseries. They made it different enough for me to not feel like I was just watching a different version of the same movie, and they stayed fairly true to the book. They definitely portrayed more of the characters that were overlooked in the 1995 version.

On Saturday morning, I put Rachel on the floor in the kitchen while I was making waffles, and the first thing Rachel did was find Scout’s water dish. Have I ever mentioned that Rachel likes water? I mean really likes it. She splashed the water all over the kitchen floor.

Of course Saturday was a special day, but it was not the day we got ready for Sunday. We cleaned the house and we shopped at the store so we wouldn’t have to work until Monday. We did trim our nails and we shampooed our hair, so we could be ready for the temple. The lyrics don’t work perfectly, but that’s OK.

Sunday was a special day too. Her daddy held her in his arms, along his dad, his brothers, brother-in-law, uncle, and my dad, and gave her a name and a blessing. It was beautiful, and she was beautiful. I don’t know if she planned it, but Rachel did not take a nap Sunday morning (which is kind of unusual), so by the time we got to church she was pretty tired. She managed to hold on until the beginning of Sacrament, but she was getting kind of fussy. Tricia took her out and got her to sleep, so that when it was time for the blessing she was completely zonked out. (Zonked out means sound asleep.) It’s just as well, because she didn’t wiggle at all during her blessing, and when she gets wiggly, she is hard to hold, so I think it made life a little easier for Jeff. Good job Rachel. After Sacrament meeting we went outside a took a picture of all of the men who stood in the blessing circle, as well as the guest of honor.

With Dad being here, Jeff and I did the honorable thing and gave up our bed so that the old folks could have a comfortable place to lay their heads. We took the air mattress in the basement. I think Scout liked it because it made coming and going much easier. He can’t quite jump up on the bed, but he has no trouble getting on the air mattress.
You can see that Rachel has learned her “zonked out” skills from her mommy!

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  1. I’m glad to see that my husband is not the only husband who takes photos of their zonked out wives.

    I also like the 2008 version of Sense and Sensibility. I loved the scenery shots at the coast and also that the actress playing Miss Dashwood was 20 instead of 35 year-old Emma Thompson.

  2. So…if someone were to suddenly wake you up, and you screamed because you were scared (yellow like a chicken)….you would then be a Screaming Yellow Zonker??

    Logistic…Methinks it so!!!

  3. Just wanted to leave a note of congratulations. Sunday was so special and I was so happy for your family. Glad to read about the sealing–it couldn’t happen to a nicer family! I have to admit, I’m a little jealous of not being able to see my kids be sealed to us–what a special thing to have your baby with you in the temple!

  4. He is not–he is talking about the car–remember, he’s a guy. Oh wait. A guy who also loves food. Hmmm…I may have to rethink that one.

    Rachel was PERFECT on Sunday, and honestly on Saturday too, as she didnt make a sound, and stared perfectly into the eyes of her great grandpa as he sealed y’all together. I have never seen anything so precious.

    Hey–do you actually OWN that movie–S and S by BBC. I would LOVE to borrow it if you do.. .

  5. Does Rachel crawl now? It looked like it. Wow, pretty soon she will be in not just Scouts water but EVERYTHING! Sounds like she was a little angel. makes me sad we werent there.
    love ya

  6. Does Rachel crawl now? It looked like it. Wow, pretty soon she will be in not just Scouts water but EVERYTHING! Sounds like she was a little angel. makes me sad we werent there.
    love ya

  7. I loved that version of Sense and Sensibility too. I thought it was very well done. By the way, what is your screen name for singsnap? Mine is shandita. I would love to listen to some of the songs you’ve recorded.

  8. Noelle, the culmination of all the events has been great. Rachel is so fun and we are so glad to have her sealed to the family for eternity. Now we just need to get Jonas taken care of! Love you!

  9. Tammy, she is so close to crawling, but she isn’t quite. She can cover a lot of territory by rolling and squirming around, though.

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