The title of this post should be warning enough, but if it is not . . . WARNING: THIS POST IS ABOUT POOP!

Gabi is constipated. Normally she poops every 4 or 5 days or so, and it is pretty soft, so last week when she pooped a tiny, but very hard poop, that didn’t seem right. Also she was throwing up a lot, or maybe it was a lot of spit up. I couldn’t really tell. After a few days I decided to call the doctor, just to make sure I was handling things the right way (1st step: dark karo syrup with water, 2nd step: prune juice). After the nurse practitioner asked me a ton of questions, she recommended that I bring Gabi to the doctor. So Friday afternoon I took Gabi to the doctor. She was totally fine, but definitely constipated. The throwing up/spitting up was a result of when Gabi bore down, there was less resistance going north than south, so I would get a tiny hard poop, and a ton of spit up. The doctor said to increase the veggies, give prune juice, and if the blockage didn’t release in a few days, I should try a laxative suppository. Now that sounds like some serious fun, don’t you think?

So this morning I went to the pharmacy and bought a baby laxative suppository. I came home, and built up the courage to give Gabi the laxative. Finally I did it, and Gabi seemed completely unphased. I started feeding her, when I recognized her red face, her spitting up on me, and decided to check her diaper. There was a tiny little hard poop, and the suppository right next to it. What to do? I didn’t know, so I put it back in again. I started feeding her again, and she pooped again. This time it was more, and the hard poop was followed by a softer poop. Jeff came home just then as I was in the middle of cleaning it up, and before I even got the dirty diaper off her, she started pooping some more. I decided that the suppository had done its job, and I threw it away along with her poopie diaper. Then Gabi really got started. The poop flowed! So I guess the blockage is gone.

P.S. If you read this post, please don’t tell Gabi that I posted such sensitive information about her. Even though she is sitting on my lap right now as I type this, I don’t think she is reading it.

This afternoon Rachel pooped in the potty. It’s not the first time ever, but it is the first time in a very long time. So today has just been a happy poop day all around!

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