Poop (The Sequel)

You may want to just skip this post and not read it at all. It’s pretty disgusting!

I thought after Monday’s adventure Gabi’s constipation was resolved, and we were back to normal. I have continued to give her prune juice, and I have been giving her more veggies as the doctor suggested, and since Monday’s adventure she hasn’t pooped. I wasn’t concerned, because that is pretty normal.

Today as I was feeding Gabi I could feel her tightening up her tummy muscles, and then I detected the faint odor of you-know-what. So I went to change her diaper, and there was a tiny hard poop. Okay, so maybe Monday’s adventure didn’t resolve everything after all. So I got out the laxative suppository (I am now a pro at administering it to Gabi) and after everything was in it’s place I left Gabi on a blanket on her tummy, and took Rachel to the potty (where she successfully pee peed). I put a new diaper on Rachel, and while I was there I saw Jeff coming home from work.

When we came back downstairs, I checked on Gabi right away. I figured, based on my past experience, that Gabi would have taken care of business right away. Sure enough, she had. And it was a diaper full. Not to be graphic or anything, but I am now fairly certain that the blockage is really gone. The diaper greeted me with quite a sight. I could see the two different colors (dark brown constipated poop, and kind of orange “new” poop), as well as the different consistencies. (Why is Jeff so lucky as to always come home in the middle of such an adventure?) I was glad that Jeff was there because he brought a plastic bag, and removed all of the evidence right away.

So now I’m really (pretty) sure that the current constipation situation is resolved. If you have the intestinal fortitude to read this, perhaps there will be a Poop III. But you know that sequels are never as good as the original.

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