Quite a day

This morning at around 5:00 I was awake, but far (very far) from being ready to get up. I heard Rachel, and it sounded like she was throwing up. Sure enough, she was. Since her bedding was now dirty, and I figured she could use a little snuggling, I brought her to bed with me. Unfortunately, she was not done throwing up. My shirt, the sheets and the comforter all caught it.

At 8:30 I called the pediatrician, and they said they could see her at 10:15. I used that time to put my bedding in the wash, but my washing machine isn’t big enough to accommodate the comforter. I called Jeff’s mom to see if I could borrow her washer to clean the comforter. She said of course, so after I went to the doctor we went there. But wait, let’s not skip any good parts. While I was at the doctor Rachel erupted more (a lot more). She threw up all over my shirt, over her own shirt and jeans, not to mention the floor and the counter top as I tried to get her to the sink. Yeah, kind of a mess.

So I went to Grandma’s house, and left Rachel there while I ran to the grocery store to get some pedialyte. It took a while to get the comforter washed and dried, and during that time Rachel had a major case of diarrhea. It was pretty bad. It got all over her jeans, her socks, the carpet. Luckily Grandma is always prepared , more prepared than mama, and she happened to have a clean outfit for Rachel to wear.

The crazy thing is that during all of this, Rachel really hasn’t acted sick at all. She is more or less of the same temperament as she always is. Maybe just slightly more clingy, but barely noticeable.

I am pretty much beat after today, so I’m following Rachel’s example, and going straight to bed.

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  1. Oh Noelle! Sounds like you had a doozy of a day! When I have a day like that, it makes me wonder how my mom did it. Rachel is very lucky to have you!

  2. I think Rachel just had a mild stomach virus. She has been fine today. I have kept her diet pretty mild per doctor’s orders, but she has acted just fine. I think she’s getting bored with the bland food, though. Tomorrow we’ll be back to normal.

  3. I’m so sorry Rachel had the throw-ups! Have you heard of the BRAT diet to help calm her stomach down?
    B – bananas R – rice A – applesauce T – toast

    Nicholas and Michael’s doctor told me to give that diet to them after they had kept the Pedialyte down for an hour. It has always worked for us!

  4. YUCK!!! I feel for you. I just hate doing the throw up thing. I usually get stuck doing it because Rusty starts gagging. He probably does this on purpose so he doesn’t have to deal with it. I hope she’s feeling better.

    I have learned two things in my 11 years of being a mom. 1) ALWAYS have spare clothing everywhere, car, purse, diaper bag, etc. and 2) I can cut by boys hair (they like buzzes) but I cannot cut my girls. I have to suck it up and pay for this.

    Cute pictures at the gym.

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