Snow – after a fashion

It snowed overnight. Okay, it wasn’t much, compared to other places, but it was the most snow we’ve had this winter so far. There was like an inch or so on the ground this morning. It was kind of a birthday present for Jeff. He has been wanting snow, and while it wasn’t much, it was better than nothing, and it happened on Jeff’s birthday.

Rachel enjoyed playing in the snow a little. She couldn’t (wouldn’t) keep her mittens on, so we didn’t stay outside for very long, but she enjoyed walking around in the snow.

Scout, as always, enjoyed the snow. He especially enjoyed barking at the meter reader next door.

5 Replies to “Snow – after a fashion”

  1. I love Rachel’s hat! Zac liked walking in the snow till he fell down and got covered in it… he cried until I was able to get his little hands warm again. Glad Rachel’s feeling better!! Jen

  2. Isn’t snow exciting?! It’s always fun while it’s new and white. When it get’s old and dirty it’s just snow. I know that doesn’t make much since. Rachel looks like she loves it. Cute hat and cute girl!

  3. Happy Birthday Jeff! We love the snow, and the snow you got yesterday morning came to us later in the afternoon. It was beautiful! and yes, Rachel looks adorable in her hat!

  4. I’m hoping it snows around here again soon–it’s been a little while and it’s almost all melted. I love Rachel’s hat–you took some cute pictures. Hope Jeff had a Happy Birthday!

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