Rachel’s Fun Surprise

A couple of days ago a friend came to see me, and brought Rachel a present. It was a big bear that Rachel gets to “make” herself. Actually she just gets to stuff it and dress it. When Jeff and Rachel came last night we started working on our project. Rachel figured it out right away. There were two bags of stuffing, and Rachel pulled it out a little at a time. (When I say “a little” I mean a very little.) She handed it to Jeff who poked it into the bear’s arms and legs.
Then we closed up the back with Velcro.

Then she hugged and kissed it and loved it.
There is still a little more work to do before her bear is complete. In the kit there is a pink dress for the bear, so we still need to save here from being bear naked (I know it’s supposed to be spelled “bare” but I was making a play on words. Does explaining myself kind of ruin it?), but we decided to spread the joy over a couple of days.

Then Rachel reverted to her favorite past time, playing on the computer. I would blame her daddy for that, but let’s be honest, I’m afraid she sees her mommy on the computer a lot too.

My doctor came to see me this morning. We talked about expectations of how long I would be A) in the hospital, and B) how long I would be on bed rest. She said that they would probably check baby Gaby’s size (weight) next week. Last time they checked she weighed an estimated 1 lb. I’ll probably stay in the hospital until I reach at least 28 weeks, but could be here until 32 weeks. Each two weeks is a major milestone, and she encouraged me to not look to far ahead. She also told me that once I get to go home, I’ll still be on bed rest until I get to 36 weeks or until baby Gaby is born, whichever comes first. I wonder if I’ll have any friends left by then.

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  1. Noelle, I love you! You are being a GREAT Mommy to Gaby right now. And even though it may not seem like Rachel appreciates it all that much, …she will, …you are giving her a sister, a friend for life! Keep up the good spirits! I can’t wait to get Rachel and have her for a few days!

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