My computer (mis)adventures

I must be dangerous around power cords. After my last power cord mishap a friend came to my rescue with a replacement, but last night it broke too. Like really broke. Not fixable. So I put Jeff’s old one back on, and yay! it worked. For an hour. Then it died again.

But during that hour I loaded Skype and Google Video Chat on the laptop. I told Jeff of my very sad situation, and being the awesome and wonderful guy that he is, he bought a new power cord and brought it to me at lunch time. Before lunch two friends came and brought me nachos from Denny’s, so when my lunch arrived, I wasn’t hungry. I let Jeff eat it as a reward for his chivalrous behavior. Okay, it was just hospital food, but it was pretty good.

So now I have Skype and Google Video Chat. If you don’t already have one or the other, you should get it. Both are free services. All you need are a computer (which if you are reading this, you already have), a web cam and a microphone. Some laptops already have the web cam installed. So now if you want to visit me without making the trip (like if you live in Utah or Idaho or Texas or Colorado or New York) we can video chat. Of course if you live here in Kentucky you can’t use the video chat as an alternative to a hospital visit, but it can be an additional visit.

My doctor came to see me this morning. We talked about how long I should stay here. She said that the MFM doctors (the high risk specialists) tend to be a little cavelier about people like me. They are happy if I get to 25 weeks. My own doctors, on the other hand, because they are more invested in me, feel strongly that I should stay longer. For every day I carry baby Gaby, it’s like 3 days fewer in the NICU. While this may be a little boring, it is a sacrifice I am very happy to make for the welfare of my little precious baby.

I am put on the tocotransducer twice a day. (Don’t I sound smart throwing words like that around? It is the contraction monitor.) I always ask how it looks, and almost every time they tell me I show signs of uterine irritablility, but I am also stable. I really feel good about how everything is going.

I cannot express strongly enough how grateful I am to all the people who have been there for my family during this time. Rachel is being cared for, and she seems to be happy. You guys are all wonderful and I love you.

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  1. I am honored to be the one to witness the transfer of the power cord! (Even if I wasnt able to witness the goodbye kiss!)It was fun to see you, and your room. Im looking even more forward to seeing you in PERSON.

  2. You DO sound smart! 😉
    Little Gaby is so blessed to have a mommy who is willing to “work” so hard to keep her healthy. It can’t be easy Noelle and you are such a good sport about everything.
    It was fun to come and see you although I see that our visit apparently was not blog-worthy. Next time we will bring a LARGE frosty instead of medium… lesson learned. ;)lol

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