Six Month Check-Up

Today Rachel had her six month check-up today. As expected, she is healthy and everything is looking great. For those who participated in the “guess Rachel’s weight” competition, you all did TERRIBLE!

Height: 27 1/2 inches (97th percentile)

Weight: 20 lbs 8.5 oz. (>97th percentile)

Yes, she is petite, no doubt.

She had shots today too. She actually did amazingly well. She literally cried for just a few seconds. I learned from Holly to have a bottle ready for her to soothe her after her shots, which I did, but she didn’t really need it. What can I say, she’s smart, beautiful, and tough as nails!

So tonight we are going to start on veggies. On the menu is squash. Try to not be too jealous, if you are good, maybe you can have some squash tonight too.

The doctor recommended starting with veggies, in reverse alphabetical order (color), so first yellow, then orange, then green. After that we move on to fruits (peaches last due to the fact that they are somewhat more likely to cause allergic reactions). No corn, no berries and no fruit until after we are one year old. So that is the solid food plan. Every day should be a colorful adventure!

4 Replies to “Six Month Check-Up”

  1. Rachel, you look as excited to spit squash all over your mom as I am to watch you do it (requesting a video!)

    Noelle–Kristina was always over 97th percentile in everything, and look at her now–she still towers over all the guys her age. . .

  2. Yeah, I think Mallory was 19 1/2 lbs. at her year check up because I remember the doctor telling me not to turn her car seat around for a few more weeks. Way to go Rachel!!!!! Teach Mallory a thing or two about growing and maybe even walking because I am sure you will be walking before her even though she’s about 8 months older. We take it slow in this house!

  3. What can I say, she’s smart, beautiful, and tough as nails!

    What? Holly is smart, beautiful, and tough as nails? Well, I’m sure she is, but I’m not sure how the “tough as nails” part fits in.

    OOooohhh… you meant Rachel! ;^p

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