What a great night we had! We went to a party to bid farewell to a girl who is leaving on Wednesday to go on a mission, as well as her father who is bidding farewell to his 40s. There was a pool there, so we went prepared for swimming. We got Rachel and Gabi in their swimming gear, and immediately Rachel said she had to go to the bathroom. So we went into the house, and sure enough, Rachel pee peed in the potty (yay Rachel!). We hit the pool and had a great time. Rachel has always been bold and adventurous in the pool, although this is the first time we’ve been swimming this year. Just like always she took to it like a fish. We started out with Rachel using a little inflatable ring and arm things. She handled herself great. Gabi was using a flotation devise as well, and after being a little nervous for a minute, she took to the water just great too.

As time went on Rachel wanted to ditch the arm devises, and since she was wearing a life vest and using the ring I let her, and sure enough she did great. Eventually she was done with the ring too, and was just wearing the vest. She kept a hand on me (or Jeff), or the wall pretty regularly, but before I knew it she was floating all by herself. She did a great job!

If all that wasn’t enough, when we finally got out of the pool for good, Rachel said that she needed to use the bathroom again, and again successfully pee peed in the potty.

Then, to top it all off, to make it an altogether perfect evening, all that swimming wore the girls out so much that they went to bed and straight to sleep without any problem whatsoever. We’ll definitely be swimming a lot this summer!

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  1. I love swimming in the summer! It looks like Jim and Dina's backyard. Is it? Who's going on a mission? Who's birthday. Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. It is Jim and Dina's back yard. You were sorely missed! The person who is going on a mission is a girl named Heather PiƱa. Heather's dad was celebrating his birthday. They have been in the ward for about a year. Before they were in Louisville 3rd ward, and before that they lived in Illinois.

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