Noelle said that she is going insane from all the rain. I am actually enjoying it. Though, it would be nice if the rain would be more spread out through the summer. But at least our reservoirs are filling up (not to mention our yards with standing water on slight downgrades… good grief.)

Anyway, what’s driving me crazy is the cold. Yeh, I know, the spring frost hasn’t passed yet. But if it’s going to be cold, it should be snowing. I’ve always said that. Louisville KY just has the right environmental makeup to let the temperature be 30 degrees and still raining. YAY-thppbbt (evil eye).

Well, after tonight’s freezing temperatures we’ll be getting some fairly pleasant weather that will please both Noelle and me.

P.S. Noelle may not post her chorus pictures on her forum… but if I can, I will share. (I’m sure she looks great, she doesn’t know it, but she is pretty!)

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