After putting all of those pictures of me from my childhood on this blog, I thought I would do the same for Jeff. So here is Jeff over the years . . .

What a cutie!

3 Replies to “Jeff”

  1. the picture of him as a little boy with the backdrop of big bookshelf is AWESOME. He has this look on his face of –I can conquer the world.

    And I dont doubt that he could, seeing as how he could probably hack into all of our computers, and totally dismantle our lives if he wanted to . . .

  2. Real congrats on the singing contest. The international stage is a great venue. Look forward to the rush.

    Nice pictures of Jeff…good balance since yours were there too.


  3. I remember every single picture of Jeff! What a beautiful child…..and adult! Rachel is growing like a weed….what a blessing!!

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