2009 Kentucky Derby

There was no symbolism that I could see, but the Derby was a great race this year. It was won by a 50-1 long shot Mine That Bird. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

I don’t think the announcer did the race justice, but Mine That Bird made a spectacular run down the rail from last to first, and won it going away. The same jockey, Calvin Borel, won both the Oaks and the Derby this year. I’m glad for him. He seems like one of the good guys. This is actually his 2nd Derby win in 3 years. He won in 2007 aboard Street Sense too.

Before the race began the nurses went around having the patients draw 3 horses names to root for. I got two long shots, neither of which was Mine That Bird, and one contender, Pioneer of the Nile. If my horse came in the money (1st, 2nd or 3rd) I would get a prize. Well, Pioneer came in 2nd. So guess what I won. A pedicure kit. It included foot soak, foot scrub, a cuticle thing, a nail file, and toe separators. It made me laugh because when Marlene and Holly were here visiting, they both tried to paint my toenails, which I successfully resisted. Now apparently I have received a sign that I was wrong. But too late, they’re both back in Idaho.

We had a little Derby Party in my hospital room. It was pretty small scale, with Jeff, Rachel, Jeff’s parents and me. We all drew names of horses so we would know who to root for. Jeff’s Dad came in both first and last, so he got two prizes. He shared one with Jeff’s mom, who didn’t win any prizes. Rachel came in 2nd, and Jeff came in 3rd. After the race was over Jeff and Rachel took me for a wheelchair ride. What a great day.

Dr. Wilson came in to see me yesterday morning. She’ll be coming in again today (this is her weekend on). She gave me some good news. She said that I am not a candidate for magesium sulfate to stop labor. I currently get a shot of terbutaline if I am contracting too much, and as long as that is working it’s all good, but I was concerned that if it stopped working, the next step would be magnesium sulfate. She said no, if the terb stops working, they will just let the baby come on. It’s good news because the side effects of magnesium sulfate are pretty awful. So far the terb has been working great (including last night).

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  1. That is good news to hear (about the MnSO(4))!
    Oh, and even though the comments have died off, there are lots of people who still ask me about you and are thinking of you.

  2. I’m glad you posted about the Kentucky Derby. I was remembering your posts last year — a week of winners until the Derby.

    And also, hooray for modern medicine!

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