So last Monday the doctor asked me two questions that I couldn’t really give great answers to: “How is your diet?” and “How is your exercise?” I’m not terrible, but I’m not great either. I told her that I usually walk a little over a mile nearly every day. She told me to pick up the pace a little, and walk a bit farther, so I decided to double my walk. I missed my walk on Monday because I was at the doctor’s office for so long, in fact I also missed my first two piano students too (sorry). I missed my walk on Tuesday because it was miserable and cold, and so was I, but on Wednesday I got my act together and went for a morning walk. We had to bundle up a little bit because it was still kind of cold and wet, but by the end I was pretty warm in my jacket. Rachel, of course, was too cute for words!

It occurs to me that if Anne would not have asked, I might still not know that I’m pregnant. I know that seems impossible, but it’s true. Now that I know I can kind of see some symptoms, but seriously they are subtle, and I’m not that smart. But she did, so now I know.

Last night I was so tired I was nearly incapacitated. At 7:30 I told Jeff that I didn’t think I could last any longer. He told me to go to bed. When I finally got the energy to pull myself off the couch, it was almost 8:00, but unfortunately I didn’t actually get to sleep until around 9:30. Then I woke up at around 1:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep until like 4:00, but then I slept until after 8:30. Jeff, being the superhero that he is, took over the bedtime routine for Rachel, and Rachel, being the angel that she is, didn’t wake up until around 8:30 this morning. When I finally did wake up I felt pretty good. I had to get going pretty fast because I had a piano student coming at 9:00.

Jeff came home for lunch, and as soon as we finished eating we put Rachel down for a nap, and (surprise surprise) I put myself down for a nap too. I got a good two hours of sleep.

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  1. A superhero, huh? Wow! I feel special. Rachel really is a cutie, isn’t she? I wonder how long it takes you to get around the block twice with Rachel and Scout.

  2. You have a perfect little family. Rache knew you needed to sleep in! Take advantage of getting little cat naps. When I was preg with Ems, I was working. I would lay my head on my dest and tell my friend who worked in my same office to wake me up in 10 min. and I would fall completely asleep. Sometimes I would want to crawl under my desk and sleep but couldn’t do that.
    Take care of yourself. Jeff is a sweetheart for taking care of you.

  3. The best thing you can do in the first trimester is sleep. Anytime Rachel has a nap skip cleaning (I never had a problem with that—still don’t) and go to sleep.
    I am SO excited for you!

  4. I just remember sleeping. It was like a heavy daze came over me the first 3 months and I always took a nap. Glad you can too. Congrats on the great news. My doctor never advised me to exercise, so I didn’t!!! I am glad someone is getting out there in the cold and making her good health even better.

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