A Bedtime Story

Jeff put Rachel to bed at around 8:30. An hour and a half later she was still not asleep, but started calling for me. So I went in and sat and cuddled with her for a while. We read another book and sang a couple of songs, then I put her back in bed. Then she started really crying, and trying to tell me that she wanted something. I thought she said water, so I got her a drink of water. That wasn’t what she wanted. So I took her downstairs, hoping that she could point to what she wanted. She looked over the counter for something appealing, but didn’t see anything, so instead she said that she wanted to watch “The Legend of Little Joe” (Veggie Tales). I wouldn’t let her, so she got really ticked off as I put her back in bed. She really really really wanted something, though, so I gave her one more chance to show me downstairs. This time she first took hold of the refrigerator door, then changed her mind and instead opened the freezer door and took out the teething ring we keep in there. Not a big surprise, she likes holding the teething ring on her arm like a bracelet. Then she pointed to her nose and said “sorry.” Rachel says “sorry” when something hurts. So I asked her if she wanted a sticker. She usually really likes stickers, but not this time. She pointed to some lotion. I asked her if she wanted some lotion on her hands. Nope, on her nose. So I put some lotion on her nose and stroked it in, and then she went quietly and peacefully to bed.

Nothing like a little lotion on my nose to make me sleepy!

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