A Fun Treat

A very long time ago, I acquired a calendar that had recipes using jell-o. I hung on to it because several of the recipes were awfully good, and pretty easy (two very important criteria). Rachel has on many occasions admired the delicious treats pictured there, and as she is growing up, she really likes doing stuff in the kitchen. So today we made dirt cups together.

Rachel is the kind of cook that likes to taste all of the ingredients. That is especially true when the ingredients consist of things like oreo cookies (although I’m cheap so I bought the off brand – Great Value), chocolate pudding, cool whip (again, Great Value whipped topping), and gummy worms. So if you are ever interested in sampling our fare, be warned that Rachel probably licked the spoon, and possibly her hands too, and I can’t promise that it is the most sanitary dish ever prepared. But my philosophy is, it’s all good, just a little extra protein.

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