A Lesson in Obedience

Jeff and I have been called as Stake Missionaries, and have been assigned to attend and serve in the Shawnee Branch for the next 18 months. It was a difficult calling for me to accept because I am concerned about Rachel and Gabi. I don’t know any of the kids in Rachel’s school, so the only friends of hers that I know are the kids at church. Gabi’s best friend is her cousin Rose, and they love being in the same primary class. Anyway, I really struggled with accepting the calling.

Every Sunday, I have the girls watch an animated movie from the scriptures. Last Sunday, Rachel chose to watch the movie from the Old Testament where Abraham was commanded to sacrifice his son Isaac. Talk about a challenging assignment to accept! Although it was difficult, Abraham was willing to obey, and at the last second, an angel stepped in, and commended Abraham for his obedience, and renewed the promise that Abraham had received that his descendents would be numberless, like the sands of the sea.

I thought a lot about Abraham and Isaac. If Abraham could be obedient to the point of sacrificing his own son, I decided that I could attend church with a different congregation for a while. My job is to be obedient, and have faith in Heavenly Father to look after my children.

We attended the Shawnee Branch today for the first time, and both girls did great. They both made new friends, and are looking forward to seeing them again next week.

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