A New Project

When I took Rachel to the doctor for her very first check-up at the ripe old age of 10 days old, the doctor told me to sing to her. That advice was also echoed in the pages of my bible on how to take care of a baby (a.k.a What To Expect the First Year). In my attempt to be the best Mommy since my own Mommy did such a brilliant job of raising me, I sing to Rachel a lot.

Yesterday when I was giving Rachel her bath, I was singing to her, making up a song about bath-time. I kind of liked it, so I went to my computer afterwards and wrote it down. Then I started thinking about other songs, and I decided to make a book of songs I had written about being a baby. First I had to write the songs, though, so yesterday and today so far I have written seven songs, with many more on the way. These songs are not exactly masterworks, but hey, Rachel likes them, and who would know better than a five and a half month old baby about the quality of baby-related songs? Hmm?

I plan to publish it, though I still have to learn how to go about doing that. So wish me luck, and please nobody steal my idea!

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  1. Can you write a song about getting potty trained so I can sing it to Molly while she sits on the potty for hours waiting for the “pee, pee” to come out?

  2. Definitely write them down. You’ll forget ’em if you don’t. I sing lullabies to my girls all the time. It has gradually turned into singing all kinds of songs, including church primary songs. My two-year old won’t sleep unless we sing “The Eency Weency Spider” and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” at least 5 times each.

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