In an attempt to get everyone in the mood for the greatest race, a.k.a., the Kentucky Derby, I am going to spotlight a Derby winner every day until Derby day (May 3). Today’s horse is Aristides.

Aristides won the first ever Kentucky Derby in 1875. Back then the Derby was a mile and a half. It was changed to a mile and a quarter in 1896. Aristides was born late in the season of 1872. He was a small chestnut colt with two socks on his hind feet and a star on his forehead, and stood only about 15 hands.

Aristides was owned and bred by Hal Price McGrath at McGrathiana farm in Fayette county in Kentucky, and trained by Ansel Williamson. His jockey for the derby was Oliver Lewis.
Oliver Lewis

Today Aristides is honored as the first Derby winner with a life-sized bronze statue in the garden of Churchill Downs.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Derby winner of the day.

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