Rachel wasn’t very enthusiastic about the idea of eating breakfast this morning. She would have rather watched “memes” (movies). Being the strict disciplinarian that I am, I said she had to eat breakfast. She insisted that she didn’t want to eat. So, following the suggestions that I’ve read in all of my “toddler” books, I didn’t argue with her, but instead went ahead and got breakfast ready for myself and for Gabi (Jeff was already gone to work). Rachel started pitching in and helping me get Gabi’s breakfast ready. She poured Gabi’s cereal into a bowl (with my help), she poured some cereal (cheerios) on Gabi’s tray, and before you know it, Rachel was in her seat ready for her own breakfast. Once everything was ready, I said “It’s time for prayer.” Rachel immediately folded her arms and started to say the prayer on her own. She has said the prayer before, but always with my help, but this time she didn’t wait for me. She said “Dear Heavenly Father, (something unintelligible) prayer.” Then she stopped because she didn’t know what to say next, so I pitched in and helped her to finish.

So often I notice my faults and flaws as a mommy, but this morning I feel pretty good about how I handled everything, and am definitely happy with how it all turned out. We’ll see how the rest of the day goes.

And now here are some more pictures of my awesome girls.



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  1. You are a great mom. And whether they eat breakfast or not is not nearly as important as being able to pray. And not many mom's now-a-days know how to teach kids to pray, which is the GREATEST thing you could ever teach them! You ROCK!

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