Busy Day

The past 24 hours have been rather eventful. On Wednesday I had lots of contractions, and I was starting to feel pressure. I was pretty sure the baby would come soon. On Thursday, however, things were pretty boring. No contractions during my monitoring – nothing. So I figured the previous day had been a fluke. That evening, however, I was contracting during my monitoring. Dr. Wilson had indicated she was ready to stop giving me any terbutaline, and let nature take its course. They checked me out, and I was dilated to 5-6 cm. These measurements are pretty subjective, so they weren’t sure I had really changed much, but they decided to move me over to Labor and Delivery watch me over night, then the doctor would check me in the morning.

Both Dr. Horlander and Dr. Bell checked on me in the morning, and by then I was at 6 cm, so they decided to go ahead and let baby Gaby come. Because she was small, they thought she might come pretty quickly. Jeff called his Mom, and she rushed on over, so as not to miss anything. Turns out Gaby was not in such a hurry after all. We waited and waited, and nothing happened. Finally the started me on Pitocin to move things along. At 2:00 or so they thought I was ready to start pushing. Long story short, I now know why they call it “labor.”

Baby Gaby was born at 3:19. She weighed 5 lbs. 4.4 oz. (or 2.4 kg). She measured at 19½ inches long. Her lungs look great, but since she is just a 34 week 4 day baby, she still needs to spend some time in the NICU to make sure everything is okay.

Here are a few pictures:

Here I am “before.” Little did I know what lie ahead.

Baby Gaby makes her grand entrance, with a high five to the world.

Mommy is something of a basket case, but Daddy is sure proud.

Baby Gaby is giving you a wink. I think she knows something.

Daddy and baby Gaby.

I am now settled in the Post Partum ward, room 346. I’m not sure how long I’ll be here, but I doubt it will be more than a couple of days. Soon I will be home (sweet home).

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  1. Noelle, she’s absolutley beautiful. I am so happy for you! What a blessing to have a beautiful newborn, Rachel, and now you get to go home and NOT be on bed rest!!!! I bet you are beyond excited! Let us know if there is anything you guys need. Congrats again – she’s just as cute as I thought she would be!

  2. Noelle, I’m so happy for you. I can’t believe baby Gaby is here now! You should add a picture of her to the side of you blog. Rachel will enjoy seeing her new little sister. I love you, Noelle, and Jeff, Rachel, Gaby, and Scout. Have a nice, relaxing evening.

    Oh, and Post Partum? Like, Post Partum Depression?

  3. OMGosh!!!! Congratulations!!! I am so excited and she is pretty big for being so early. My boys were all 20-21 inches and 7 pounds so she has a great start. You did wonderful Noelle and I would tell you to get some rest but you are probably SICK of resting. Great job!

  4. YAY!!!!! So happy she is here safe and sound Noelle! I hope that you are recovering well and enjoying your new little one. Can’t wait to see her in person.
    All that hard work and it paid off. You did it !!!!

  5. We love you all! Way to go, Noelle! …and welcome sweet little niece Gaby! We can’t wait to meet her. She’s beautiful and we’re so happy for you all!!

  6. Congratulations, Noelle and Jeff! Gaby DOES look like Rachel. She’s a good size and weight. You ate for two well. I’ll bet you can’t wait to be up and out of bed!

  7. Congratulations!!! She is so beautiful. I love the emotions that you are showing. Birthing a baby is quite a beautiful experience. Thanks for sharing yours!

  8. The picture with the 3 of you brings tears to my eyes & a lump in my throat. You all have endured so much. It touches my heart to see that finally your prayers have been answered. Much love!

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