Busy Times

Wow! Things have sure been busy lately! Now things are back to normal, but I forgot what normal is like so I’m still in a daze.

Last week we went to Nashville with my chorus to compete in the Sweet Adelines International. We sang on Thursday and finished in the top 10, then the top 10 (including us) sang again on Saturday in the finals. We had worked very hard, and really hoped to do well. We really wanted to finish in the top 5. Actually we wanted to win, but top 5 (big medals) was a goal we thought we could achieve. In the past the best we had done was 9th, but that was way before my time. Anyway, we finished 3rd. Woo hoo!

I had a lot of help. My whole family came with me, Jeff, Rachel and Gabi. To help us out my mother-in-law came too. She was a life saver! Next time, though, as the girls will be older, I’ll probably just go by myself, but it was really fun having my family with me.

Speaking of having my family with me, my sister Faline also sings barbershop. In fact, she is the one who got me started. She sings with the Mountain Jubilee Chorus in Salt Lake City. They qualified to compete there too. Her daughter Malauna joined her mom with their chorus, so it was really fun to be able to visit (and sing) with them. Their chorus finished 10th.

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