Christmas Party

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday we went to our church Christmas Party. It was very nice. Rachel got to sit on Santa’s lap. She was a very good girl. She is so unselfish, she didn’t ask for anything! She just sat there sweetly so that Santa would know she was a good girl, then he could give her anything he felt was appropriate.

I know she looks like she’s asleep, but she’s really not. She is just very relaxed.

Jeff got to ask Santa for some presents too, but Santa was mostly focused on Rachel. I mean, how could he help it!

I sang a number in a barbershop quartet. Here it is. If you don’t like it, please don’t tell me. My ego is very fragile. On the other hand, if you do like it, by all means don’t keep that kind of information to yourself. If you don’t like it, feel free to lie and say it was great!

So a big thanks to everybody who made the party happen. Let’s do it again next year! Maybe around Christmas.

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  1. Sorry I missed your great performance. I was at Danielle’s choir concert. But, you looked and sounded great, and Rachel looked lovely, as usual, on Santa’s lap.
    And I am excited to try out your candy cane recipe, except with REAL whipped cream–just ask Marla, I don’t do cool whip. (yes, this is an embarrassing moment with Marla–me being embarrassed–that just occurred tonight!)

  2. Good job! How sweet and talented you are! Thanks for sharing the info, pictures, music and recipes (I’m gonna try that sweet stuff!)–guess that makes you pretty generous,too. Hugs to all.

  3. I loved it! It was even better in real life though. I’m glad Rachel liked Santa, did you see my kids? Many tears were shed that night (scary santa!)

  4. Noelle, I loved your musical number…I’ve always been a sucker for tight harmonies blending well together. I’m glad to see you still singing. I don’t do it often enough.
    Hope to keep in touch. And congrats on your little lady. She’s a beauty. I hope to keep in touch with you.

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