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I really feel that when I learn something important, it behooves me to share it with everyone else. In my blog surfing, I came across a recipe for peppermint cool whip. Being the aficionado of hot chocolate that I am, I had to try it, and it was great. I mean really great. And easy (otherwise I would never have attempted it). All you do is crush a bunch of candy canes into as fine a powder as you have the patience for, then mix it with cool whip. The directions I saw were 1/2 cup crushed candy canes to 16 oz. of cool whip. I approximated it. I don’t think accuracy really matters in this situation. You may want to try this. It is pretty fantastic.

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  1. OK. We’ll have to try it. We’re huge hot chocolate fans and Liam’s always begging me to break candy canes. He puts them in a big ziplock and hammers them with a rolling pin. It’s his favorite holiday activity. — Kristine

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