Dentist Appointment

Today Rachel had a dentist appointment. This was her second visit to the dentist. She did FANTASTIC! She was 100% cooperative. And the best of all, no cavities!
A couple of other things that happened today: it is still pretty cold. Winter is leaving, but it is kicking and screaming. So to have a little fun we set up our little tent in the living room. We put all of the couch cushions on the floor of the tent and Rachel and Gabi jumped and flung themselves around the tent. Both girls’ hair was standing on end because of the static, and I managed to get a picture of Gabi.
I’m not sure what Rachel loves more, her dog Scout, or playing in Scout’s kennel. Today she managed the best of both when she locked herself in the kennel with Scout.
Dear warm weather, I really miss you. I don’t know what I did to drive you away, but I am extremely sorry. Please forgive me and come back.

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  1. Love Gabi's static look! And so proud of Rachel at the dentist. It brings back memories of a good friend who helped me when I had to take Jericho to the dentist. She is pretty amazing!

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