Fall Festival

We went to a fall festival this evening in Holiday Manor. It was just a small thing with a couple of bouncey castles and face painting. Rachel wanted to get her face painted like a tiger. The lady who was doing the face painting was really good. Here’s Rachel’s tiger face.
After we got home Rachel wanted to wear her Halloween costume which is a lion. So the final result was a liger. Napoleon Dynamite would be proud!
We didn’t have Gabi’s face painted. I didn’t think she could keep still long enough. Rachel just barely lasted that long. But here’s Gabi’s very cute unpainted face anyway.
On our way home we stopped at Dairy Queen for the girls’ dinner. We got them chicken strips, which they love. I only bought one meal for them to split, which meant just one drink. But my sweet little girls shared perfectly with each other.
So Rachel had an accident today. It was unfortunate, but since it was her first accident in a week, I’m still pretty happy about it. I’m not happy that she had accident, I’m happy that she only had one accident in a week.

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