Feeling Better

Jeff is feeling better, Rachel is feeling better, and I am feeling better. All that is good stuff! It was a big load off my mind to know that back home things were better.

So Jeff and Rachel came by this evening. A friend had come earlier today and brought a couple of books for Rachel. They were her favorite kind, the kind where you push buttons and songs play. Rachel loved them. She sat in bed next to me pushing the buttons, and swaying her head back and forth to the music. We also finished putting the bear together, meaning we put her dress on. She (the bear) even has little pink shoes and little pink bows to put around her ears.

While Jeff and Rachel were here the nurse came in. She immediately apologized for interrupting, and said she could “take care if it later.” Take care of what? Oh yeah. Today’s Wednesday. (OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Wednesday is a special day, it’s the day I get a really painful shot in my “hip.” So after a very enjoyable visit with Rachel and Jeff, I bravely called the nurse back in, and she gave me my shot. She did a good job. The injection itself didn’t hurt, but the aftermath . . . OWWW! But I’m using my heating pad. Last week it really did hurt a lot that night, but the next day wasn’t too bad, so I’m hoping that tomorrow won’t be too bad either.

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  1. Cute picture! Wednesdays have become my shot day too. But it’s a easy quick one. I had to get my hepatitis A and B combined shots…just a little pinch in the upper arm. Last week, this week and in two weeks from now. Shots are no fun. But it’s easier to endure them when we know they are for a good cause…me mission…you..your baby staying inside of you. Good stuff! Hope you are doing well..you are still in my prayers!!!


  2. I’m glad that the dreaded shot day is over! that sounds painful! That picture of Rachel is so sweet. She is getting so big and her hair is so cute.

  3. Glad your butt feels okay??

    I need to come visit you again!!

    Hope you are loving all the pampering!


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