Four Months Old

Yesterday was Rachel’s 4-month-old birthday. One of her activities was another doctor’s appointment. She was weighed and measured. Her current stats are as follows:
height: 25 1/8 inches (97th percentile)
weight: 17 lbs 13 oz (>97th percentile)
The doctor said that she looks great, very healthy, very social. She had her next round of vaccinations. That was kind of a bummer, 4 shots!

I took the incredibly cute picture of Rachel the other day. I wanted to share it with everybody:

Here is Rachel’s Happy Birthday video:

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  1. Noelle!
    Wow! I’m impressed with the video… was that an original lyric at the end?? ha, ha. I would have to agree. I like Jonas being little too (are you sure Rachel qualifies as little?). I love all the cute pictures of Rachel!!

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