Free music freely (and legally)

So for all of you classical music people out there (of which there are a great number, only a few who read my blog), this site will be very interesting to you:

It is set to release the Beethoven, Brahms, Sibelius, and Tchaikovsky symphonies for free, no copyright on the recordings, etc. What does this mean? Aren’t these symphonies already free? Of course they are… if you have the money to buy the paper and print it out, or the money to take an orchestra wherever you go. But when you buy a recording on a CD, it is not free to put it into another work (such as a video or music of your own making). What this group is going to do is release the music free, gratis, no charge to use it however you like. Share it with friends, share it with enemies, share it on your website, in your theater, on your video.

So, anyway, I thought it was interesting

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