Fun Day

Today we did some new and different things. After naps I took the girls up to Henry’s Ark, a free petting zoo in Prospect. At first I thought it was a waste of a drive, but after a while Rachel really got into it. In fact I had to drag her away! She really had fun with all the animals, especially the baby ducklings. I only had my phone camera with me, so the the pictures are not fabulous, but they are okay. And the content is fabulous! Gabi spent most of the time attached to my back, so she didn’t get to be in quite as many pictures as Rachel, but I did the best I could.

The pièce de résistance

This evening after dinner Jeff and I went o a political event. We had the opportunity to attend a gathering to listen to US Senate candidate Dr. Rand Paul. It was really good, and I am looking forward to casting my ballot for him at the primary this next Tuesday. I even got my picture taken with him.

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  1. Love the peacock, like Rand Paul, from what I have heard him say, and am scared to death of Henry's Ark. I went there once with my kids, and tried very hard not to hyperventilate the whole time. (I was trying to be tough for my kids and not pass along my fear of animals to them. But, having llamas and goats and other odd animals just walking up to me and my kids FREAKED me out!) I am proud to saw that I don't think my kids noticed how scared I was. 🙂

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