Gabi Goes to the Doctor

Today was Gabi’s first check-up with the pediatrician. She had a very good visit. Here are her vital statistics:

Height: 19½ inches (15%)
Weight: 5 lbs. 4 oz. (OTC↓ – that means it is so low it is off the chart)

The pediatrician recommended that I get a vitamin for her called Polyvisol, so I’ve got to do that. Otherwise, all things considered, she is looking really good. I asked her how long before some of the major risks are gone with preemies, and she said typically one year.

When Rachel was a baby I received as a gift a bouncy seat. Rachel used to absolutely love it. I could put her in it, and she would play happily for at least a half an hour, often more. When I found out Amber was pregnant, I passed it along to her. Little did I know that I would need it again. Last night Amber brought it back (much to her chagrin). Did I say Rachel used to love it? Make that she still loves it. She is a little too big, but she doesn’t let that stop her.

Here is Gabi with her cousin Rose. Rose is three months old.

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  1. Noelle, I can’t get over how beautiful! can you even stand it?! Rachel looks so big now doesn’t she! I really want to hold her and smell her. I love that new baby smell!

  2. I’m thinking Gabi has the olive skin like Jeff and I! Thank goodness! 🙂 She looks real good! Can’t figure out her eyes though, where did she get them from?

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