Gabi’s eyes

See, Gabi is capable of opening her eyes.

Somebody please explain to me why Gabi sleeps so peacefully in her bassinet during the day, but can’t seem to manage to sleep there at night. For such a little baby she has a very persistent cry.

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  1. My MIL tries to convince people that American babies are born with the time zones of China or India built into their sleep cycles. 12 hours difference…

  2. Because it is so much more fun to annoy your mom at night, when she’s tired, then during the day when she is entertaining me with lots of noise around the house. . .
    (have you ever noticed that a two hour nap during the day seems like a long time, but at night, it seems like they just BARELY went to sleep. . . )

  3. welcome to motherhood all over again! I thought I’d never sleep a full night ever again when Nicholas and Michael were babies. I was told it’s because they are not put on a regular sleep schedule when they’re in the hospital.

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