Gabi Goes to the Doctor (the sequel)

Today was Gabi’s 1 month check-up. Here are her vital statistics:

height: 19 inches (5%)
weight: 5 lbs. 11 oz. (OTC↓)
head: 13 inches (OTC↓)

So here is a long story. Gabi went 9 days without a poopie (the layman’s term for a bowel movement). I kept in touch with the pediatricians office to keep them informed, as well as seeking advice. Finally last Saturday they had me come to the office to check things out. It turns out that Gabi is not transferring adequate milk when nursing. So I was advised to nurse, then supplement with a bottle, then pump (in order to increase my milk supply). In all likelihood, the reason why Gabi is not getting enough milk when nursing is probably because she is a preemie, and hopefully as she gets bigger and stronger this will cease to be an issue. The doctor also gave her a rectal exam, which got things moving (so to speak), and on Saturday she pooped a weeks worth. I was strangely happy to see all that poop after over a week without any, but then she didn’t poop again on Sunday or Monday. Fortunately today she pooped (twice) without any outside assistance. The doctor told me today that it isn’t that strange for her to go for several days without pooping, but over a week is definitely too long. Probably the inadequate feeding was the reason. I did notice that when I was no longer starving Gabi, she was a lot more content, and sleeps better at night.

Wow, that was a lot of talk about poop. I hope you enjoyed it.

Because Gabi has not gained as much weight as she should have, the doctor wants me to bring her back in next week to be weighed again, after going for a while with the supplementing, so I should have more updates next week.

Here are a few pictures from today.

Rachel loves giving hugs and kisses to Gabi.

I used to think reading to Rachel was such a waste of time. She didn’t seem to care. I sure don’t think that anymore. Rachel really loves books, and really likes it when we read to her. (This picture is actually from yesterday.)

Here is the whole family enjoying some refreshing milk. Daddy is holding Gabi who is enjoying a supplemental bottle of milk (provided generously by me), and Rachel is enjoying a cup of milk herself.

5 Replies to “Gabi Goes to the Doctor (the sequel)”

  1. Everytime I read your stats about Gabi I'm blown away. I have never seen any of my babies at 5lbs…that just seems SO itty-bitty to me. Is she the size of a doll? Evan right now is well over nine pounds, 21 inches and getting chubb-fat all over him. We may need to think about Weight Watchers. 🙂 Yes, basically he is a moose.

  2. You are not starving Gabi! So you better not be beating yourself up! You are an AMAZING mom, and your girls are VERY blessed to have you! Besides, giving a bottle means daddy gets to help and mommy can rest!

  3. I think it's cool how committed you are to giving Gabi breastmilk, whether from you directly or from a bottle. It seems like a lot of hard work, "milking" yourself all the time. At least you don't swish your tail in your face and kick the bucket over:)

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