Gabi turned 2 years old today

It is hard to believe that Gabi is 2 years old today. But she is.

Because today is Sunday we did not do too much to celebrate. Her real birthday party is tomorrow. But we did have cupcakes and opened one present.

Also tomorrow is her 2 year old check-up.

Enjoying a powdered sugar coated mini donut

Ready for church

Make a wish!

That was a good cupcake!

For her birthday, Gabi got a baseball tee with a bat and a ball. I have high hopes for her future athletic career.

Rachel took some swings too

Stay tuned for the continuation of Gabi’s birthday celebrations as well as results from her doctor’s appointment.

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  1. I really am having a hard time believing she is 2 years old. Wow. I remember when she was still in your tummy–where has the time gone?

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