Gabi’s favorite past-time

For the past couple of weeks, Gabi has demanded that we help her walk. She grabs a finger from each hand, and off we go. She could seemingly go on for hours, but I can’t. A. I get bored, and B. it is hard on my back after a while. She loves it, though. I don’t think she’ll be walking on her own any time in the near future. She is still too shaky on her pins, but she sure likes to try!

Gabi also really likes climbing up the stairs. I’m not a big fan, but she never does consult me before doing what she wants! She’s getting pretty good at coming down the stairs too, but I am far from really trusting her on that. I’m worried that half way down she’ll get bored and sit down, only to find nothing under her bottom to sit down on. What she is not good at regarding stairs is approaching the stairs to come down. She doesn’t yet get the idea of turning around. Once she’s turned around, though, she does pretty well.

So I am happy to announce that Diary Queen (my favorite hamburger joint) is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the blizzard this year, and to share the joy they had a deal from April 19 to April 25 where you could buy one blizzard of any size and get the second (same size or smaller) for 25ยข. I saw the commercial for that last night on TV, and thought it was an offer too good to pass up, so I informed Jeff that we were going to DQ today. Unfortunately today has been pretty stormy. It would have been so much better to enjoy our blizzards in the sunshine, but we made the sacrifice and ate them inside in the living room. Rachel enjoyed her 1st Dilly Bar of the season (2nd in her lifetime). Rachel even voluntarily shared a bite of her Dilly Bar with Gabi. Jeff got the Mint Oreo and I got the French Silk Pie.

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