Rainy Days and Mondays

And when the rainy days are Mondays, it’s not good.

Viewer warning: This post contains graphic descriptions of bodily functions. If you are not woman enough to handle it, you should stop reading now.

This morning Rachel woke up with a dry diaper. I thought I would try to encourage her to use the potty since I was pretty sure the pee was in there somewhere. She sat on her potty, but just for a few seconds. I decided to leave her diaper off and try to catch her warning signs so that she could use the potty. Nothing. Finally I had to use the potty, so I went upstairs to use the bathroom. When I came downstairs Rachel was standing on my desk (a big no-no), and she had peed all over it. I was so angry! Partly I was angry at Rachel, but mostly I was angry at myself. How could I be so stupid‽ Anyway, we both got over it, and survived the rest of the morning.

After naps, I could tell Gabi was trying to poop, but wasn’t having any success. I just let her work on it, and I’ll tell you, it took quite a while. Finally she had success and I changed her diaper. I could tell that it was just the plug, and there was more to follow, so I put her diaper on again pretty quickly. Sure enough, five minutes later she had pooped some more. Gabi can be incredibly difficult to change when she wants to. I am 10 times bigger than she is, but she makes it very difficult. She flips from her back to her tummy very quickly and agilely. So after the 2nd diaper in less than five minutes, I decided to let her be free so to speak (meaning I didn’t put her diaper back on right away). Big and I mean really BIG mistake. She wasn’t done pooping yet, and she saved the best for last, if by “best” you mean largest quantity, and runniest, squishiest poop in the history of all poops. (How can such a small body contain so much poop‽) Then she crawled though it. Actually she just dragged her feet through it, but you get the picture. DISGUSTING! So I spent the next while cleaning her up, and cleaning the carpet. It didn’t really put me in the best of moods, but there you have it. I wonder how much longer it will be before I stop making stupid mistakes.

I know, they look so sweet and innocent.

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  1. I hope some people will look past the story to see the cute pictures (if they weren't woman enough to read he story. I was daddy enough to read it, btw)

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