Rachel’s First Sleepover

Last night Rachel did something she’s never ever done before. She slept somewhere besides home with neither Mom or Dad. She slept at her Grandma and Grandpa’s house. The reason was that I was competing with my barbershop chorus (Pride of Kentucky Chorus) out of town. I wanted Gabi with me so that I could nurse, and Jeff came along to keep Gabi while I was busy. So Rachel spent the day and night with Aunt Michelle, Grandma and Grandpa. Reports are that Rachel did pretty well. She should get some kind of award as the absolute best napper in the history of the world. Bedtime, not so much. She’s not even in the top 10, and sure enough, getting to sleep at night was the biggest challenge. But after all was said and done, it doesn’t sounded like it was too bad. (Says me who wasn’t there. I guess for the full story you’ll have to follow up with Rachel’s Grandma.)

This morning I went to Grandma’s house to pick Rachel up. While I was there I decided to take advantage of the fact that they had fingernail polish remover. (I had to wear this kind of pink fingernail polish as part as my costume for the competition.) I don’t have any because I never wear finger nail polish. Anyway, I borrowed their fingernail polish remover, but that polish had no intention of being removed. It took me forever to get it off. Michelle thought that it was hilarious that I couldn’t get the polish off, and took it as a sign that I was supposed to wear it to church. I, however, took it as a challenge, which I accepted, and with determination I persisted and stayed true to my goal until finally I achieved success.

At my competition Jeff took care of Gabi, and hung around the event. I’ll tell you, as cute as Gabi is, people couldn’t help themselves but approach Jeff and chat with him and ooh and aah over how adorable Gabi is.

The competition went well. Very well. In fact, so well that we won. Our score was 695, which is pretty good. This win qualifies our chorus to compete in Houston in the International competition in the fall of 2011.

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  1. Hooray for the win! If you couldn't have gotten the polish off, you could have always dressed the girls in their pink outfits, and then just told the questioning masses that the nail polish was as close as you could bring yourself to color-coordinate with the girls!

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