Gabi’s One-Year Check-up

When Rachel turned one, I unwisely scheduled her doctor’s appointment on her birthday. She got shots, and was rather miserable the rest of the day. I learned my lesson and decided to never again schedule any kid’s appointment on their birthday. So today, three days after her birthday, Gabi went to the doctor for her one-year check-up. Here are her vital statistics:

Height: 28¾ inches (45%)
Weight 20 lbs. 5 oz. (50%)

Gabi is now taking two or three steps more predictably. Now the only thing from capturing it on video is the fact that she wants to walk towards me, and if I’m filming she can’t really walk that far, so you’ll need to wait for Jeff to come home for the video.

At her appointment the doctor diagnosed Gabi with ear infections in both ears. I wasn’t really too surprised because she has been coughing pretty bad for over a week, and her nose has been pretty stuffy, so I was not shocked when he said that. This is her first ear infection, and to be honest, she really hasn’t been sick her entire life. Anyway, she got a prescription for an antibiotic, so hopefully she’ll be all better in a jiffy.

In all other ways Gabi is healthy and developing well.

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