I have a lot of it… Oh, wait, this post is about my car and its gas troubles. It eats a lot of it. Ever since its engine went bad almost a year and a half ago, it runs at about 14 mpg. This stinks. But it especially stinks now since gas is now $3.29/gal. The last three visits to the gas station when the price was between $3.09 and $3.06, I only put $10.00 worth in the tank hoping the price would drop back to $2.79 (avg) like I’m used to.

But now, I’ve almost used up that last $10.00 today. I think I will get a poster board and write out in big letters:

This car refuses to eat gas at over $3.00/gal while the oil companies make record profits. (No, I’m not a hippie freak. In fact, I’m ticked I have to choose between a democrat and a socialist for president of the US.)

and post that on my car out in front of the gas station where my car will likely die and I will have to walk to work.

On a similar note, I’m going to be looking for a new car this weekend. Any suggestions on a highly gas efficient car that cost less the $10,000? Because the second thing I hate is debt.

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