Genuine Risk

Today’s Derby winner of the day is Genuine Risk. She was the second filly to win the Kentucky Derby, the only filly to finish in the money in all three races of the Triple Crown, and currently the oldest living Kentucky Derby winner.

Genuine Risk was born in Kentucky on February 15, 1977 from dam Virtuous from sire Exclusive Native. This chestnut filly was bred by Sally Humphrey, is owned by Diana M. Firestone (the ones who make the tires), and trained by LeRoy Jolley. She ran in and won the Kentucky Derby in 1980. It was a pretty impressive win.

Genuine Risk finished second in both the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes.

After Genuine Risk retired from racing, she went on to have an unsuccessful career as a brood mare. She only had two foals who lived, neither of whom ever ran a race. She retired from her career as a brood mare in 1980.

Genuine Risk lives is currently stabled at the Firestone’s Newstead Farm in Upperville, Virginia where she is doing well at age 31.

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