Good News and Bad News

A couple of days ago (Wednesday) I took Scout in for a haircut. For the first time, Rachel threw a temper tantrum when I put her in the car seat. That whole day every time I put her in the car seat, she threw a fit. It was my first chance to practice my disciplining techniques on her. A good firm “no” a couple of times, and now she seems to be past that phase.

That same day Rachel demonstrated her superior intellect by approaching the top of the stairs, and by herself she turned herself around to go down. What a genius.

Rock Band
Last Friday Jeff, Rachel and I went swimming at the Smith’s house. After we were done we went to Paul and Andrea’s to pick up some tickets to a concert that we are going to tonight (Video Games Live). Since we were over there anyway, we decided to play a little Rock Band. It was fun. Turns out I am a very talented fake guitar player!

Today I harvested my first real, genuine, authentic, full-sized tomato. I used it to touch up and flavor Jeff’s ham sandwich that I made him for his lunch. We also have a few other tomatoes in various degrees of ripeness.

The blackberries are another story. Our blackberries are ripening up okay, but since there are not too many, the birds are getting them almost as fast as they ripen. There are a few for us, but not much chance of make any blackberry jelly using my crop alone. (Actually there weren’t enough even if the birds had left them alone.) The seven that are left are still going to be delicious!

Hip Hop
Apparently Rachel is expressing interest in the hip hop culture. Here she is with her pants sagging.

Before long the pants were off altogether. I guess that is the downside of wearing clothes that are too big. The upside is that at least she can wear them for more than one month!

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  1. Those are some really good, fun(ny) pictures. The homegrown tomato was excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed my sammich. Plus, it turns out I’m not as good of a drummer as I’d like to be. But then, I’m not that good of a singer or fake-guitarist, either. Well, I’ll just chalk it up to the game can’t handle my creative license!

  2. Saggy bottom girl!
    Wish we could hear the rock band! We helped at Clearfields Highs all night party when Ems graduated and we were in the room with Rock Band going on. Brennan wanted to go play with them but controlled his desire. Looks fun! Noelle~YOU ROCK!

  3. Tony and I were having the same problem with our raspberry bush. We went to a gardening store and got a netting called Bird-X to cover the bush, and the birds are very frustrated by it. We now have enough raspberries to make one batch of jam!

  4. That tomato looks fantastic! And sorry to hear about the blackberries. I want to take Jeff’s place as the singer next time. . .

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