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Okay, yet another geeky post… but I think many of you may agree with me on this.

I really wish the Google preferences would be associated with my google account. That is, I have a very fast connection, I like having more results per page. But everytime I go back, it’s reset to the default 10 results per page.

But the most irritating thing I find is results from pages that require a login and pay account. ( I’m looking at you.) I never ever want to get results from certain sites (like experts-exchange).

On the opposite side, there are sites that I would like to have a higher ranking for returns if there is anything found there. Say you want to get the recipe for an apple pie. Now you have some favorite recipe sites. So when you type in “apple pie recipe”, the top results will be from your favorite sites, as opposed to maybe on the second or third page of results.

So that’s my current wish list for google, give us a black list (sites we never want to see) and a white list (sites that rank highest) of sites we want results from.

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