Half Way There

I have now been on bed rest for 7 weeks (tomorrow), and there are no more than 7 weeks of bed rest ahead of me. I’ve made it half way there.

I had a doctors appointment today. She said that I’m looking pretty good. After checking myself out in the mirror, I had to agree! (Just kidding.) Anyway, I asked her if I could join the rest of the family next Sunday for Easter Sunday dinner. She said I could. She said I could either go to church or go to dinner. Am I a bad person because I chose dinner? I have another appointment next Monday. I’ll ask if I can go to church then. As long as I am doing well they will slowly remove my restrictions.

Rachel is getting to be too bold on the stairs. It used to be that she would always approach the stairs with care, and descend backwards. She now likes to go down facing forward, stepping down. I don’t like it. She fell down the stairs on Saturday because she is trying to go down the grown-up way. I want to turn back some time (Rachel), but turn forward other time (bed rest). That’s pretty hard to do.

Today Rachel became obsessed with the camera. She figured out how to take pictures. Here are some examples of her photography skills.

Here’s a picture I took. Surprise, surprise, Rachel is hanging out in bed with me.

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  1. I will miss you at church, but I would choose dinner as well. You want to be surrounded by family and good food. We can’t offer too much good food at church. Sorry.

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