Happy Mother’s Day

I celebrated Mother’s Day with breakfast in bed. Okay, today and every other day for the past 2½ months or so.

A couple of days ago I complained here about the pain in my back. I mentioned it to Dr. Alumbaugh yesterday, and she offered to write me for Flexeril, a muscle relaxant. I took her up on it, and yesterday at about 2:00 I took ½ of a pill. Holy cow! It knocked me out. From 2:00 yesterday afternoon to 8:00 this morning I slept and slept and slept. I would wake up for 2-3 hours at a time, but then I would go back to sleep again. I worried that sleeping so much yesterday afternoon would mean that I wouldn’t sleep at night, but I did. The good news is that I feel well rested, and my back feels better. Dr. Alumbaugh also arranged for me to get a heating pad. That helps too.

Dr. Alumbaugh came in to see me again today. She decided to go ahead and check me a day early. I am 4-5 cm dilated now, closer to 5 cm, so she wants me to stay here for two more weeks. But I FOR SURE get to go home in two weeks. I’m not really surprised, and not really disappointed either. I want to go home, but I also worry about going home. Mostly I worry about my ability to be compliant with bed rest, and will I know when to come back in. I do still get to move around a little bit more. She said I could even go for a walk in the hallway, but I have to limit it to 5 minutes, then for sure come back in and rest. You know how exhausting those 5 minute walks can be!

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