Finally something new.

Dr. Alumbaugh came to see me today. I have finally heard something new. She wants me to walk around a little. The idea is to see how I respond. If I do go home on Monday, she’s pretty sure I will not be as compliant at home as I am here. (She’s probably right.) This way they will get an idea of how I will respond while I am still under close supervision. But even if I do go home, I will still be pretty restricted. There are a lot of ifs here, but this is the plan. Let’s say I go home on Monday. I will come back to see the doctor the following Monday. If my cervix is unchanged – still 3-4 cm, I will be off bed rest. If I am 5-6 (or whatever), she said she will just consider me to be in labor and we’ll have this baby. So much information, I hope I conveyed it all correctly. For that matter I hope I heard it all correctly.

Incidentally, here are the two 3D pictures I got from my ultrasound a couple of days ago. Gaby’s face is partially obscured by the placenta, but hopefully you get the idea.

Today is the biggest birthday day I have ever known. May 9th is the birthday of my Dad, my sister Gayla, my sister Holly and my sister Luella. (They were probably all hoping Gaby would be born today, but I think they are out of luck.) Here is a picture of all of the birthday people. My sister Holly posted it on her blog, and I’m copying it. It is from a few years back (like 40). Happy birthday Dad, Gayla, Holly and Luella.

Today is a big day for Rachel too. She is going to a birthday party for one of her little friends that she made while she was babysitter-hopping. This is her first birthday party invitation. I’m sad that I am missing it. Hopefully Jeff will take pictures.

Well, Jeff did take pictures at the birthday party. Here is Rachel playing with all of her friends. And eating cake. (That’s my girl!)

4 Replies to “Finally something new.”

  1. Gaby looks like Rachelle and Brennan. Very cute. While I’d love another May 9th birthday, I think she needs to bake a little longer. Glad you get to get up and walk around:)

  2. I thought the cake was a lie… but it turned out not to be. (Okay, how many of Noelle’s readership will get that reference?!)

    Hey, Noelle, even though you get to get up and move around, still take it easy… let’s keep Gaby inside for just a little longer.

  3. Well, that’s good news Noelle–I will pray for you often in the coming weeks. I love you and hope the best for you and your little baby. I hope that Jeff and Rachel are hanging in there okay too. I had a hard time making out the ultrasound picture–I’ve never been able to see them very well. I’m sure Gaby is way cute though!! Rachel looks cute in her first birthday party pictures–she’s getting big too fast!

  4. I think I understand so we can say one way or another it should be less then a month before you are of bed rest happy walking don’t get to tired.

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