Slow News Day

There was so much “news” yesterday and the day before, there is nothing left to write about today. What is crazy is that I had been having so many contractions lately, but I haven’t needed Terbutaline since Friday morning. I came close a couple of times, but my monitoring sessions have been rather uneventful. That’s good, but it is ironic because the two weeks prior did all the damage necessary to cause me to need to stay for a couple more weeks. Now that the damage is done, the contractions have slowed down a lot.

Dr. Hill came in to see me today. She didn’t have anything new to say, but just confirmed what Dr. Alumbaugh told me yesterday – basically that at 5 cm it is not a good idea for me to go home just now.

I am looking forward to a special treat tonight. I would tell you about it, but then what will I write about tomorrow? So tune in tomorrow.

Incidentally, I am 34 weeks today. Yippee!

5 Replies to “Slow News Day”

  1. Thank you Noelle for posting every day. I don’t always post a comment, but I make sure I read your daily updates to find out how you’re doing. I’m sorry Gaby didn’t want to be born on May 9, but I’m happy for you, too. An early birth like that could cause more problems than I’m sure you’d want to deal with. Hang in there – I love you!

  2. I find it interesting that you get to go home in two weeks being 5 cm. But then, when I had Sabrina, I went to the hospital thinking I was in labor, was 5 cm, so they let me stay. Completely different.

  3. I’m still all about jumproping in your room when no one is looking, so Gaby comes out before you have to go home. . . 🙂

  4. Holly, I tried to tell her to go for long hard walks the Sunday before she gets to come home so that we don’t have to just go back ;^)

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