Having Fun

What a beautiful and fun day. You couldn’t ask for better weather, sunny and warm. This morning Rachel and I went to the hotel where Brennan and Tammy, and Luella and Tony were staying, and we went swimming. It was Rachel’s first time. She really likes her bath time, so I figured she would like swimming too. She did. She enjoyed splashing around in the pool. She even let me dunk her a little bit. I didn’t dunk her all the way, just a little past her nose. She did great. And boy did she ever sleep when it came to nap time!

We went to the KFC/A&W place for lunch, then ate in the park. We just hung out there and enjoyed the beautiful weather, while Nicholas and Michael played on the playground. We stayed until Uncle Brennan and Aunt Tammy had to leave to go the the airport. We were sad to see them go, but luckily we get one more day with Aunt Luella and Uncle Tony and their boys.

We took some cute pictures:

We all got a chance to play with Rachel in the pool. She was so cute in her little suit. (Hey, that rhymes – cute and suit.)
We took some pictures of Uncle Brennan and Aunt Tammy with Rachel.
And some pictures of Rachel alone.

Notice the recurring theme: Rachel’s tongue.

Nicholas and Michael had fun at the park:

Update: The musical number went very well. I was behind them playing the piano, so I couldn’t hear the full effect, but a lot of people told me it sounded really good. So three cheers to Brennan, Luella, Nicholas and Michael. Way to go!

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  1. the music was great, really, and I am not a big violin fan. I would love a copy of the arrangement!

    Maybe you just need to feed Rachel more diet coke–the straw keeps her tongue from hanging out. . .

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